Architecture is the process of rendering professional business in connection with the rest of society.

Architects are in charge of much of the worlds structure-past or present. They create, design and construct buildings with the space within the site provided. Architecture involves both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing the forms, spaces and environment that reflect its function, technical, social, and aesthetic appreciation. It requires creative manipulation and coordination of materials, technology, and playing of the light and shadow.

Chabot Colleges’ Architecture and Interior Design Academy within School of the Arts has much to offer along with multiple programs. The divisions vary from: Architectural Engineering, 3D-modeling, AutoCAD, Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and much more. Chabot College Architecture provides a positive influence, atmosphere and attitude on the impact that helps mold the creations of the planning, design and construction worlds.

Chabot College wants the best for its students and the excellent programs offered within CCC excel in further educating the architects of tomorrow. We also form our lab to be Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.). CCC’s Architecture program is different from most of the other schools, for it offers active hands on learning experience; as well as extremely helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professors who offer a personal instructional relationship with a broad range of academics and requirements to help its students strive for a more successful and professional practice. The Architecture and Interior Design Academy has many professional opportunities. We offer Associate of Arts in Architecture (AA), Certificate of Architecture Technology, as well as, Architectural Internship in correlation with Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) firms.

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